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Времето най-вероятно е точно, но вие го гледате в различна часова зона от вашата. Ако това е проблема, би трябвало да промените настройките си, така че форумите да показват времето във вашата часова зона, например Лондон, Париж, Ню Йорк, Сидни.

The reason to Using the German language besides that the ask for went to them is for the reason that you will find additional articles with depth in English, but German will come 2nd in lots of situations. And in lots of situations their articles or blog posts are better still. An example could be the English article within the en:WAV structure vs the German post de:RIFF WAVE on the same subject.

Когато пускате нова тема, ще видите отделна форма за Добавяне на анкета точно под главната форма за писане на съобщение. Ако няма форма за добавяне на анкета, най-вероятно нямате такива права в този форум. Трябва да въведете заглавие на анкетата и поне два възможни отговора.

Модераторите са потребители (или групи такива), чиято работа е да наглеждат форумите ежедневно. Те имат правата да променят или изтриват мнения, както и да заключват, отключват, местят и разделят теми във форума, който модерират.

Not always. When you are cost sensitive, then it could be worthwhile considering a dual drive alternative. A twin drive set up normally takes advantage of a reduced/medium capability SSD like a boot product for your personal operating method (along with a number of packages) along with a high capacity HDD for data files which include files, music and movies. An illustration could well be using a 250GB Samsung 860 Evo like a boot drive as well as a 3TB WD Blue HDD for storage.

Assist but with the addition - It's possible we could also insert the webpages for all Most important Planets, the Sunshine, and maybe some dwarf planets.

is a vExpert and techniques administrator/network administrator by trade, who may have labored a slew of IT jobs in his profession.

По принцип не можете директно да промените ранга си (който се показва под името ви в темите и в read more профила ви, в зависимост от Темата на форума). В повечето форуми ранговете се използват за да индицират броя мнения, които е пуснал потребителя, или да отличат специални потребители, например модератори, администратори и т.

Потребителските групи са средство за обединяване на потребител. Всеки потребител може да участва в няколко групи (за разлика от други форум системи) и всяка група може да има индивидуални права.

This is a chance. Hold an on-line edith week or thirty day period in which people compose about Astronomy. Every single post gets its creator 1, 2 or three tickets based upon the quality. At the conclusion of the editathon we maintain a lottery to pick which author can decide an post to check out space.

An eMMC drive isn’t a sophisticated inner drive with speeds and options on par with the SSD. As a substitute, it’s in essence an MMC that’s embedded onto a device’s motherboard. Like SD playing cards, MMC cards and their interfaces tend to be slower than an SSD.

We do our greatest to get your whole buy in one box, but often product is housed in several facilities, leading to multiple box.

основна идея: Should this be accomplished whatsoever and why? Some may well oppose sending the sum of all know-how to a place wherever nearly anything can find it. Also, for The concept to be accurate it needs broad help by Wikimedia communities. Therefore motives aganst it should be talked about. Focus on­

). On top of that, several specific content, such as the Level one essential posts as well as the Moon, needs to be sent in each individual language being a Rosetta Stone. Also, we should give the most typical term definitions for that Canon language from wiktionary. Subsequent, we fill three or 4 GB with comprehensive types of a few of the best works of artwork and concepts—say, one hundred each of textbooks, paintings, photos, and many others. This could blend very well Using the spirit of Sagan's do the job for your Voyager data. With what remains with the disc (one or 2 GB) we could use a mixture of the wikipedia featured article content from any language (because these content are presently of top quality) and of person voting (to mirror The point that wikipedia is a thing personal for all associates of its enhancing community) right up until the disc is full. Rememberlands (discuss) 07:fifty, 22 April 2016 (UTC)

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